Decor Ideas To Transform Your Rented Home

Welcome to the world of endless possibilities, where even rented accommodations can be transformed into exquisite havens of style and sophistication. Don’t let the constraints of temporary living dampen your design spirit.

Repurposing Old Furniture For Modern Homes

Old furniture pieces and hand-me-down items have sentimental value, which is why most people are keen on proudly displaying them and making them a part of everyday life. Use the power of imagination and creativity and turn a neglected piece of old furniture into a charming decor item.

Discover Goa: The Perfect Place to Call Home

The high quality of life and standard of living in Goa is one of the primary reasons why so many people are choosing to purchase property there. Goa offers residents a tranquil and unhurried environment, making it an ideal place to relax and let go of stress.

Getting Your Home Monsoon Ready

While the rainy season provides a much-needed respite from the scorching heat, it can also bring a series of problems if your home is not ready to handle the negative effects of this weather.

India’s holiday home craze is spiking property rates. And no, it isn’t Goa alone

Something’s coming over India’s real estate market. Especially in the high-end segment, change is in the offing, after nearly a decade of slow or stagnant growth. Among others, one of the most interesting trends to have popped up and is going strong is the demand for holiday homes.

Despite Inflation, Homeownership Remains A Priority For Many

Even after a rise in property prices and home loan rates, buyers from across segments are investing in real estate. Home loan demand was robust in 2022 and seems to have increased in the months following the rate hikes.

Why Luxury Housing Market Seeing Huge Demand After Budget 2023 Announcement

Experts said the surge in demand for luxury housing is an indication of people looking for a lifestyle that mirrors their achievements and ambitions, it is also coming close on the heels of a Budget 2023 provision that will be implemented from April 1.

Top Localities In Goa To Buy A New Home

Goa is a peaceful place and it is even more fascinating to one who explores this place beyond beaches. If you are thinking of investing in Real Estate in Goa, here are some top areas to invest in.

Advantages of Buying Property in Goa

Goa has always had a sweet spot amongst NRIs. The falling value of the rupee is a disguised boon for non-resident Indian (NRI) investors, allowing them to purchase luxury properties with comparatively less capital.

There is a surge in demand for high-end houses in Goa

Serene Beach life, High-quality Lifestyle, and Scent of natural resources make fall for that place before anything. Fuss-free living makes Goa a positive experience. To add further, Goa has a lot of demand on its real Estate side .