Inheritance rights of children

The most popular strategy that parents employ so that they can look out for their children, especially after they have passed away, is by investing in real estate. After all, a home not only provides a roof over one’s head, but also acts as financial security.

Old real-estate ripe for redevelopment: Should you invest?

A property that has the potential to go under redevelopment is an uncertain bet. Apart from differences between existing tenants on a variety of issues, including the choice of the builder and the size of flats that get allotted to them post the redevelopment, you need to check if you have the patience to hold on.

Why the festive season is the right time to invest in property

Beyond the festivities and merrymaking, the festive season also presents a unique opportunity for individuals looking to make a significant investment – investing in real estate. We discuss various reasons why the festive season is the right time to invest in property.

Best Areas To Invest In Goa In 2023

Goa has been emerging as an attractive destination for investments in 2023. With significant investments in improving its infrastructure, including the construction of new highways, bridges, and airports. This has made it easier for tourists and investors to travel to and within Goa, potentially increasing demand for state-owned properties. Purchasing a property in Goa can provide not only rental income but also the opportunity to enjoy a vacation home or retire in a peaceful and picturesque setting.

A primer on how to buy a property in Goa

Planning to buy a second home in Goa, especially now that the new airport in Mopa is operational? To start with, a prospective homebuyer should know that the Land of Beaches has emerged as a preferred choice among buyers of second homes on account of the high rental yields it offers. These typically range from 4 percent to as high as 15 percent for luxury sea-facing properties.

How to save tax using your home loan

Every home loan borrower should be aware of the following income tax rebates on home loans. The EMI you pay is made up of two parts: principal repayment and interest paid. The major component of the EMI can be deducted under section 80C of the Income-tax Act of 1961 for self-occupied property.

Commercial Vs Residential for the best returns

By carefully evaluating the market conditions, conducting due diligence, and considering personal investment goals, investors can make well-informed decisions to maximise their returns in the dynamic real estate market of 2023-24. Both sectors offer unique advantages and challenges, and understanding the market dynamics can help investors make informed decisions to maximise their returns.

Housing market predicted to stay robust

Real estate industry expects housing demand to remain strong with the RBI keeping key interest rate unchanged and is hopeful for a repo rate cut in next round of monetary policy to boost growth. This will help the housing sector that has been performing well from the past two years.

The purchasing of ultra luxury homes in India is on the rise

The demand for luxurious residences that offer a unique living experience has been growing in the Indian market over the last few years. An increased number of high-net-worth individuals, rapid urbanisation, and rising incomes are just some of the factors contributing to that growth.

Despite Inflation, Homeownership Remains A Priority For Many

Even after a rise in property prices and home loan rates, buyers from across segments are investing in real estate. Home loan demand was robust in 2022 and seems to have increased in the months following the rate hikes.