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Old furniture pieces and hand-me-down items have sentimental value, which is why most people are keen on proudly displaying them and making them a part of everyday life. However, they do not generally mix well with our modern interior decor, creating a mismatch in the balance. So, what can be done in such a scenario? Well, in that case, our experts suggest using the power of imagination and creativity and turning a neglected piece of old furniture into a charming decor item.

“There are a variety of small furniture items such as stools, chairs, and tables at our home, which originally belong to our grandparents. And since back in the day the focus was on delivering long-lasting products, these pieces are in good condition even now. Hence, here, paint can come to the rescue. For instance, a wooden stool, which has that typical shade of brown colour can be coloured with a bright colour, or in a shade that adds a contrast to your current home decor. You can also similarly paint your chairs and tables,” suggests Maithili Joshi, who has given her old furniture a new look.

At present, ‘fast furniture’ just like ‘fast food’ has gained popularity. However, while such furniture pieces seem to be affordable and easily available, they are quite monotonous and wear out in a few years. In such a scenario, you can plaster your old, stronger furniture with stickers or wallpapers. Plus, your wardrobes, shoe racks, and doors can stand out from the monotonous palate. One can opt for themed wallpapers, which means all the furniture in the house has wallpapers of a particular theme to bring in uniformity.

The idea here is to not just save money but to make optimum use of all available resources, cherish memories, and strengthen bonds between loved ones.