Summer home maintenance tips

With the summer season just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how to maintain your home in the heat. From inspecting your roof to maintaining your air conditioning system, you can take many steps to keep your home in good shape this summer.

Metaverse In Real Estate: A Game-Changing Concept

After dabbling with artificial intelligence (AI), the Indian real estate sector is now shifting its focus to the metaverse. If the concept of metaverse successfully takes off, industry experts believe that the online homebuying process will undergo a revolution.

Goa Sees Real Estate Boom With New Airport Inauguration

Industry reports project that the Mopa airport will attract investments of Rs 2,700 crore by 2030, focusing primarily on the development of luxury and eco hotels, nature and wellness resorts, and homestays. This influx of investment is set to diversify the region’s tourism and real estate landscape significantly.

Tourism: A Catalyst For Real Estate Growth

The inauguration of the new International Airport at Mopa, Goa also led to an increase in tourism, thus impacting the demand for vacation rental homes, hotels, and stay options in Goa. Capital values in surrounding areas have thus doubled in the last three years.

Real estate dominates Indian household savings with highest allocation

The household sector plays a major role in the Indian economy by serving as a primary source of financial resources through savings, contributing a substantial 70% to the total gross domestic savings.

3 Simple Ways To Invest In Real Estate With Little Money

Retail investors, particularly the younger demographic, now have various avenues to invest in real estate without depleting their financial resources, enabling them to earn passive income at an early stage.

Real estate in India to scale new heights in 2024

The real estate sector in India has experienced remarkable growth in 2023 and industry experts anticipate the homebuying sentiment witnessed in 2023 to persist in 2024 also.

2024 Outlook For India’s Real Estate Sector

The residential sector exhibits substantial growth potential, underscored by sustained demand over the past few years, complemented by consistently stable interest rates and robust GDP expansion. Notably, there is a pronounced demand for mid- and high-priced residential properties.

Indian Real Estate in 2023: Unleashing its true potential

Driven by economic stability, policy reforms, and changing consumer dynamics, India’s real estate sector has registered strong growth with a massive uptick in demand in 2023.

Goa is Top Real Estate Choice For Second Home in India

The already high demand for second homes in Goa is growing even more. Especially in the luxury segment the demand for homes ranging from Rs 1 crore to Rs 3 crore price band has been on the rise.