India’s ultra rich redirecting their investment focus to residential real estate

India’s affluent class has been increasingly redirecting their investment focus towards residential real estate for some time, marking a notable change in the country’s investment landscape. This transition emphasizes changing trends in investment preferences and reflects the motivations driving the elite’s choice to invest in residential properties.

Residential real estate prices in India to go up 4-6% this year

Home prices in India are likely to increase by 4-6 per cent this year but rising per capita income will support demand. Moderating inflation, stable commodity prices, a lower fiscal deficit, and a decline in global policy rates would set the stage for interest rate cuts to boost housing demand.

What Do Homebuyers Really Want

Demand for bigger homes remains strong even now despite rising prices with nearly 50% respondents preferring to buy a 3BHK home, followed by 38% for 2BHK. At least 46% respondents now prefer to buy homes priced >INR 90 lakh.

Tourism: A Catalyst For Real Estate Growth

The inauguration of the new International Airport at Mopa, Goa also led to an increase in tourism, thus impacting the demand for vacation rental homes, hotels, and stay options in Goa. Capital values in surrounding areas have thus doubled in the last three years.

Goa still the top hot spot for vacation homes among HNI’s

At least 35% of holiday home buyers mentioned Goa as their preferred destination, highlighting the enduring appeal of Goa’s lifestyle among India’s wealthy.

Why are investors looking for real estate opportunities in Goa?

Goa’s real estate allure extends beyond its picturesque landscapes; it encompasses a lifestyle and cultural experience that investors find irresistible. As the tourism sector continues to grow, investors see the potential for robust returns on their real estate investments, especially in areas frequented by tourists.

How to fix patchy paint walls

Whether it’s from constant use, accidental damage, or a change in interior design preferences, paint patches can really mess up your house’s appearance. But fret not! You can easily fix this on your own with some simple methods.

71% of India’s ultra-rich want to buy luxury property in 2024

Goa remains the most preferred destination for a holiday home, as about 35 percent of wealthy individuals chose to buy a holiday home in the state. The sunny beaches, hills, and lifestyle of Goa are the most significant appeal for individuals, but the return on the investments in holiday homes is also attracting investors and individuals.

2024 Outlook For India’s Real Estate Sector

The residential sector exhibits substantial growth potential, underscored by sustained demand over the past few years, complemented by consistently stable interest rates and robust GDP expansion. Notably, there is a pronounced demand for mid- and high-priced residential properties.

Top 6 emerging housing trends in Goa

Goa’s housing trends seamlessly blend sustainable living, luxury retreats and community-centric living, showcasing the state’s remarkable capacity to embrace modernity without compromising its cultural legacy.