Deepak Parekh of HDFC: Real estate heading to best of times

HDFC Chairman Deepak Parekh Friday said the housing and real estate sector is “heading into the best of times” with a lot of “optimism in the air”. “In over 50 years of my work life, I have not seen housing affordability better than where it is today in India. I have not seen such easy liquidity conditions and interest rates at such record low levels,” Parekh said

The Goan mid-segment real estate needs immediate attention

COVID pandemic came in as a boon in disguise for the high-end luxury segment in the real estate sector in Goa, the mid and lower segments of the sector, however, continue to struggle. According to the realtors the effective cost for an ordinary buyer has gone up and their woes have increased dramatically.

51% of urban Indians say festival season is a good time to invest in property

Around 51 percent of urban Indians think that the festival season, which typically runs from October to November, is a good time to invest in real estate, a survey has found, as developers ready offers to lure consumers. Men are most likely than women to say they will invest in property, the survey found.

Goan real estate market on a fast track amidst the pandemic

Buying a home in the favoured tourist destination Goa was once an aspiration for India’s elite. Since the onset of the pandemic, it is emerging as a need for a second home away from overcrowded cities. Remote workers who are able to log in from anywhere are increasingly snapping up homes in Goa, sending second home purchases skyrocketing since last year.

Goa – An emerging realty investment destination

Goa, the holiday paradise on earth has lately emerged as a holiday home and realty investment destination of India. Goa has consistently been a favoured vacationer goal for both domestic just as foreign visitors. Because of the development in the travel industry, the city has likewise risen as an investment destination for individuals for second home.

Buying a retirement home at age 60 or above? 5 vital tips for you

Senior citizens often find it challenging to buy a home. Multiple factors like a stable job, regular income, high growth potential and a greater number of years left until retirement work in young borrowers’ favour while applying for a home loan, bBut most senior citizens/retirees on a pension income meet the home loan eligibility criteria.

Young buyers choose ROI over holiday potential in second homes

Your first home is where you live full-time—it is not an investment that you would earn from in the short term. With the Indian middle class and upper-middle class making more than ever before, second homes have continued to be a rage even during the pandemic. In many ways, the pandemic has pushed people to invest in a second home away from the city’s concrete jungle.

Resurgence of Indian real estate after a year of pandemic

Today, the second wave of coronavirus has imbued uncertainty in the sector resulting in a temporary pause, but developers are now better prepared and well-versed with the know-hows of a pandemic. India’s resilient and burgeoning real estate segment has always remained an investor’s favourite, and one of the most sought-after realty markets globally.

Planning to move to Goa? A few tips.

“Planning to move to Goa? Count your banknotes and decide a budget. List your priorities. Pick a reputed/recommended property consultant/agent. Ask questions. Ask more questions. Pay heed to property documents. Get them checked, verified, vetted by a lawyer. North and South are as different as chalk and cheese. Pick one. Then, narrow down neighbourhood – each comes with its own USP.

This is the best time to buy a house

It seems the demand for housing is back to pre-Covid levels. A number of government initiatives, including stamp duty cuts, seem to have helped. Do you think this demand can be sustained? It has been my view for a very long time that this is really one of the best times to buy a house for a variety of reasons.