Why buy in Goa ?
Having efficiently completed and sold over 1800 holiday home and commercial space, spread across North and South of Goa
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  1. Why buy in Goa ?
    A blend of modern creation and Mother Nature at her most magnificent- an ideal place for permanent residence or to use as a winter destination. With clean and pollution free environment along with a peaceful social setting, Goa has become one of the most sought after states to live in India .
    For many of our overseas customers using Goa has a winter holiday home, spending the winter in Goa is relative less expensive compared to having a holiday home in other Sun destination. With UK £ 12, one is able to have a good evening meal with a glass of imported wine or beers.
    Connecting Goa from other Europe is becoming increasingly convenient, with Charter flights operating non stop flights from UK , Germany , Holland , and Russia .
    Our associated company: Saldanha Holidays UK Ltd offers discounted rates to all our customers who have brought real estate with us.
    With crime rates the lowest compared to many major sun destinations, Goa becomes an ideal choice when buying a holiday home for spending winter.
  2. Why buy from Saldanha Group???
    Saldanha Group have been selling real estate in Goa since the mid eighties, Having efficiently completed and sold over 1800 holiday home and commercial space, spread across North and South of Goa, - The name Saldanha has acquired a long-standing reputation for superior quality, meticulous attention to details and above all providing outstanding customer service.
  3. What are the amenities provided in each project????
    Depending on the concept of the project, each project is designed to offer the best of amenities available for comfort, convenience and for the better utilisation of the project. All project have arrangement for 24 hours Water supply, landscaped gardens, security, most projects have a swimming pool, club house. (Refer to individual project for complete details)
  4. What are the internal specifications provided for each apartment or Villa???
    Many standard features of Saldanha Developers are normally charged extra by other developers. Below are the features:
    a) Flooring is of Vitrified / ceramic of sizes 60 x 60 cms and 40 x 40 cms.
    b) External door is made of seasoned teak wood with Brass fixtures of good quality, fitted with Night latch of Europe make or equivalent.
    Internal doors are made from seasoned teak wood frames with marine ply for internal panels painted or polished as desired and fitted with Godrej make cylindrical locks.
    c) All external windows are made with seasoned teak wood shutters with glass panel. With higher gauge aluminium fixtures with powder coating or anodised to avoid against pitting. Some balconies window may be sliding to provide more seating space in balcony. Where aluminium sliding windows are provide, these will fabricated with anodised / powder coating heavy duty extrusions.
    All window sills will be of either marble or equivalent.
    c) Living room is provided with French door made of seasoned teak wood with quality brass fixtures. This gives the room extra openness and expanse.
    d) Kitchen: Provided with cooking platform with granite top, with 60 cms of ceramic wall tiles over work top, Stainless steel sink –Nirali brand presently the best available in the market. Provision for hot and cold water with extra outlet for Water filter.
    Kitchen platform have cabinets below fabricated with ply and laminated.
    e) Adequate electrical points with concealed copper wiring, with modular switches of upgrade branded quality, provision made for electrical socket for chimney, wash machine, water filter, exhaust fans, air conditioners. And Water heaters.
    All two bedrooms are provided with 3 phase adequate wattages, Single bedroom and smaller are provided with single phase connection. 3 phase connection can be provided in single bedroom, at a small additional cost.
    f) All bathrooms are provided with ceramic wall tile till door height, flooring provided with anti skid ceramic tiles with match colours, Hot and cold mixer set of Jaguar make or equivalent, with hot/cold mixer arrangement for wash basin. All internal plumbing and piping is provided with rust free high density CPVC pipes with coppers connectors. Sanitary fitting provided with matching colour to complement wall tiles, all fixtures with be Cera / Parryware / Hindustan make or equivalent.
    g) All internal walls and ceiling are finished with gypsum with smooth effects, painted with 3 coats of Acrylic paint.
  5. How do we making a booking for an apartment or Villa we like???
    Making a booking for an apartment or Villa is extremely simply. Our Sales Team will guide step by step through the complete process. Once you have chosen your apartment / Villa, we will need the following information;
    a) Name and address of the person in whose name the documents will be prepared.
    (You can have more than one name)
    b) Name of the father of the person mentioned above.
    c) Deposit amount as mentioned in the Payment schedule page relevant to each project.
  6. How much time it will take for me to complete my documentation of purchase.
    Once an appointment is made with our Sales team, the complete documentation and signing of the agreement can be complete in about an hour’s time. It is important to make an appointment with the sales team.
  7. What information / documentation are required for complete my documentation of purchase.
    a) Name and address of the person in whose name the documents will be prepared.
    (You can have more than one name)
    b) Name of the father of the person mentioned above.
    c) Deposit amount as mentioned in the Payment schedule page relevant to each project.
  8. I would like to buy in joints names along with my Son, however my son cannot come to Goa since he is out of the country. Can I sign on his behalf???
    Whenever, it is a joint purchase along with other family member, and one of the members is unable to come, A power of attorney can be given to other person to sign on his/her behalf.
  9. Can I take a loan to purchase the property???
    Many of Saldanha group development are approved by major financial institutions for easy disbursement of loan. Our sales team will assist in helping complete all documentation required for obtaining of loan.
  10. Can I make internal changes to the apartment / shop / Villa I have recently purchased????
    Internal changes are permitted to be done; It is advisable to speak to the sales team, who will normally have access to advice from our in-house civil engineering team. Our civil engineer will advice what changes can be done. Normally structurally changes are not permitted unless, the changes were requested before the completing of the particular work, and the structural changes do not alter the structural design of the building. Once the civil Engineer confirms that the changes are possible, an estimate is prepared according to the changes requested and once confirmation in writing and payment is received the necessary changes are executed. It is always better to request for changes as soon as the purchase has been made
  11. What is the procedure for taking possession of my apartment?
    Once the site engineers have intimated that the apartment is ready for occupation and possession, your designated sales member will send the intimation for final payment along with other payments to be made on taking possession as per the details in the agreement. Once payment is received, a possession letter in duplicate is handed over to you, one copy is to be signed and handed over to the engineer and the other is for your record. Please keep it safe, you will need it for obtaining gas/ electrical connection / telephone connection in your name at the address of the apartment.
  12. Can I sell an apartment purchased from you to a third party????
    As per agreement done between us, assignment of interest is possible, after necessary intention is received in writing. A set of draft letter by you and the new purchaser has to be completed and sent to us. A transfer fee may be applicable. Check with your sales person.
  13. Since I may not use the apartment, can I rent the same to you????
    If you feel you would not be using your apartment some part of the year, It is good idea to rent your apartment; We have a special division which deals with leasing and letting of rental property. Talk to one of our leasing team, and they will help you with the details required for leasing. Income from leasing can vary depending on the location, demand-supply, time of year, and level of amenities within the apartment and the complex.
  14. How much rental can I expect for a year???
    Rental income depends on the number of bedroom and furnishing within the apartment. A basis one bedroom in Calangute area will rent for Rs 3000 – Rs 6000 per month depending on the season. A two bedroom will fetch you an additional Rs 1000 per month.
  15. Do you provide furnished homes???
    You are usually given the home unfurnished, However if you would like us to furnish the apartment, this is possible, and we could provide a complete list of furnishing on a turn-key basis. The pricing and furnishing list is available on request along with approximate cost to it.
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