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Let us look at some of the major factors that prompted many Indians to invest in real estate.


Property buyers are looking for plots to build homes that are suitable for working from home. Furthermore, most Indians invested in options that matched their lifestyle, such as open green spaces with wellness and health amenities, as well as good connectivity and convenience. Investments outside of the city have done well because they are away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Tangible Asset

Plots and flats, for example, are tangible in nature and will not change over time. They are non-volatile, which means they will remain the same for years if left alone, whereas the stock market is volatile and will change overnight. This sense of security is causing many Indians to invest in real estate, which will not change overnight.

Good Prices

Most prospective homebuyers value property affordability. A lot of real estate developers offered good deals on their properties, giving people access to exclusive lucrative deals. This resulted in a seller’s gain as well as an advantage to purchase properties at a very attractive price.

Long-term commitment

Housing is clearly the most secure investment, and millennials will continue to purchase homes. Millennials will also look for the best value propositions that their money can buy, as well as properties with the highest potential for appreciation. The Indian housing sector will become fully aligned with and focused on millennials over the next two to three years.

Low home loan rates

Because of the pandemic outbreak, many state governments have reduced home loan interest rates. This relaxation provided the best opportunity for buyers to make a real estate investment. Lower home loan interest rates expanded the budget and enabled many people to make better choices.


The pandemic was a trying time for everyone, but thinking like an investor can help you make money in the coming days. If you haven’t yet invested in real estate, it’s time to start thinking about the right property and conducting thorough research so that you can get your dream home at an affordable price.