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With a positive attitude and high aspirations, GenZ has greater access to opportunities, education facilities, cushy jobs, and higher incomes, creating a conducive environment to invest in homes.

India is home to the largest millennial population, forming 34 per cent (440 million) of the total population of the country, as of 2021. Quite evidently, this makes the role of GenZ, a crucial role in defining the country’s economy and the trends of the Indian real estate sector.

What is driving millennials to buy their property?
Millennials, who are the largest demographic group in India, are redefining the country’s real estate market in several ways. Financial prudence and economic forces are shaping the patterns of millennials in the coming year. The new breed of millennials is likely to turn from the ‘carefree spender’ to the ‘conservative homebuyer’, thereby taking the real estate market by storm.

Here are how millennials are changing the Indian real estate landscape:

Demand for affordable housing: Contrary to the belief that millennials are spendthrifts, millennials are more cost-conscious than previous generations when it comes to housing and is looking for affordable housing options.

Technological advancements: Millennials are tech-savvy and are using technology to research properties, connect with real estate agents and developers, and even complete transactions online.

Lifestyle-centric living: The new generation, is health-conscious and environmentally aware. Developers might consider a health-centric approach coupled with lifestyle amenities, to make buying attractive for millennials.