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The revenue department has notified draft rules for the government’s property register which will assign a unique identification number to each property.

The draft rules shall be taken into consideration by the government after fifteen days from the notification.

The state government plans to prepare a property register with details of government and private land in Goa. The register will include data about ownership, zone classification, encumbrances, legal rights, mortgage and lease information. Details like court orders and disputes will also be included in the register aimed at bringing all land data under one digital roof.

Extract of register to be downloadable for a fee of Rs 200

All government departments will have access to the property registrar so that data about the property can be updated as and when required.

The state department of settlement and land records will remain the custodian of the property register and will integrate the database with other government departments, local governing bodies or other agencies so that realtime property information can be provided.

The government department, local body or other agency which updates the information in the property register, is responsible for accuracy of the data and is also free to change the information without seeking any consent or approval of the director, the draft rules state.

“The director shall also prepare a property plan by marking general boundaries of each holding within the survey plan only for indicative purposes and to show its general position,” undersecretary (revenue) Sudin Natu stated in the notification.

The draft rules also state thast all government departments, local bodies or other agencies shall endeavour to keep the property register updated by recording any encumbrances, zoning, lien, mortgage, lease, court order, proceeding, restriction, dispute or other information possessed or received by them related to the properties.

Individuals will be able to download an extract of the property register, which will bear a time stamp, by paying Rs 200 per property.